A little while ago Berlin called & of course we answered. So, the flights were booked to take the newest collection on tour through Berlin’s sprawling streets & twisting underground to breath in all the relative diversity this city exhales as the true shelter for culture it is.

Time to rave a little bit about Stockholm now - Our lovely capital & its impressively good looks, exceptional eats & a fashion sense that spies on great denim & more! If you’ve never been this far north you’re definitely due for a visit... So here’s our friend & stylish Instagram dandy, Olivia Bergman & her Guide to Stockholm with a special focus on all the best finds in Södermalm.

We thought we would shake things up a bit at our Dr. Denim Gallery here in Gothenburg, because why not right? With summer practically here we wanted all of our friends to get their hands on & their legs into their favorite Dr. Denim pieces on Magasinsgatan 20. We all watched the sun go down, heard the music get louder & saw the smiles get a little brighter once someone found that one thing that fit them just right, even if it was just one of our temporary tattoos!

Why not dress your skin as you dress yourself, in the patterns and expressions of who you are on the inside on the outside? There’s so much ornate and art out there that we could dive into and decorate ourselves in, but this is the kind of magic that’s commitment-free to be, that goes on with water and off with soap. We want to live like a canvas and since the only side effect is beauty, we think you should find your inked place in the universe with us and stick on a pineapple!

Summer is a scene that keeps us thriving and vibing all day long. It’s when the greens are their greenest, skies are their royalist and whites accent themselves tough and true. White is where the prism starts and it’s the bright that’s also a fresh canvas. It has the power to let everything else, and all of you, shine on around it - as bold and as brazen as it may be. 

Life Hack: Travel & Keep Traveling. Travel with the people you love and to the places you can love together... Travel to explore, to find or to forget where your feet ought to be. Our motto is you should never postpone joy, wanderlust, or the day you get to navigate in your favorite #drdenim gear... Two people we know that really get this maxim to the max is @stellatraveler and her boyfriend @gustavwiking; He has a talented eye behind the lens and she is a traveler through and through. Here is their journey, a trip from France to Shanghai they were kind enough to take us on.

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